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Pawn Process

Fast. Friendly. Hassle-Free!

Step 1

Bring in your collateral

Step 2

Tell us how much you need.

We do allow multiple items on a single pawn loan ticket and/or multiple pawn loans. We want to get you the amount you need, sometimes that requires more than one item.

Step 3

Produce Valid ID.

You must be 18 or older to pawn or sell.

Step 4

Walk out with quick hassle-free cash!

Getting items back:

To redeem your items, you must pay your loan amount, aka principal, plus applicable interest fee and redeem your items!

Note: You always have the option to pay your interest amount to extend your loan another loan term to ensure not loosing your items. You can extend as many times as needed to give yourself time to redeem your loan.

If you default, we keep your item. You’re never penalized for defaulting, and can continue to pawn with us and it never affects your credit!

Phone: (228) 388-5000
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(228) 388-5000

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